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Why is this an investment?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life; you spend months, some even years planning your wedding day. Our videos allow you to re-live the moments you treasured most, happened to miss, or simply would like to share with family and friends. If your wedding ran smoothly, or was a bumpy road throughout, at Coelho Video Production it is our job to make your day look glamorous and to leave you feeling ecstatic about you wedding. We will let nothing get in the way of creating the perfect wedding film for you! Lets setup a meeting over some coffee or even a Skype session to chat about how we can make your wedding film a reality and a "memory that lasts a lifetime". If we chat and we just aren't a fit for your style, no hard feelings, just being considered is an honor to us. Though you may not hire us, do yourself a favor and hire somebody, you will thank yourself later!


Our prices start at $2,250.00. Contact us here, for a complete price list.

Bay Area Wedding Video by Coelho Video Production
Bay Area Wedding Cinema by Coelho Video Production
Coelho Video Production

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