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Meet the Team

Kevin Coelho

Cinematographer, Editor, and Founder


Hi there! I am Kevin and I absolutely love weddings! Although being a guest a wedding is great, I find myself analyzing how I would shoot the entire event. Its kind of an addiction you can say. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than to create a masterpiece of a day that so special to a couple starting their lives together. I am a Cal State Fullerton grad, majoring in film and I have worked in video for well over 15 years, more than half of that shooting weddings. My goal, is to make this as comfortable a process as possible and a "memory that will last a lifetime". When you hire us, you get my crew, but most importantly you get me. I personally shoot all my weddings making sure you get what you expected when booking us. 

Jenny Coelho

Booking Manager and Cinematographer


Hairstylist by day, Booking Manager by night. She is the one that gets every last detail right so we are in sync for your big day. Believe it or not, its possible she loves weddings even more than me! For that very reason, she is the driving force to what makes us tick and assures your day runs as smooth as possible. Oh yea, and you'll often find her as a third shooter when needed. Needless to say, shes the glue that keeps us together. What can I say, I think my wife is pretty awesome.

Anthony  Costa



A longtime colleague and lead cinematographer. Our working relationship began circa 2008 and have been shooting weddings together since. With a background in studio broadcast, he took to the his talents to shooting in the field. It was then I knew this kid had a knack for getting that million dollar shot. Needless to say, he has been there nearly from the start and has not looked back.

Joel Roy



There is no way to sugar coat it, Joel does not come from a cinema background. Don't let that fool you, this guy helped us out as a fill in, and boy does he have what it takes. I have not come across such a natural in the time I have been in the business. You may not see Joel in the middle of the mix getting that up close shot, but you'd better believe he is behind the scenes getting that shot that will make you say "wow"! Though a new part of our team, it feels like hes been with us from the beginning.

Bay Area Wedding Video by Coelho Video Production
Bay Area Wedding Cinema by Coelho Video Production
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